Raheem Sterling – Should He Be a Starter for Chelsea Next Season? – Talk Chelsea

Raheem Sterling – Should He Be a Starter for Chelsea Next Season? – Talk Chelsea


The opinion of the public has been focused on Sterling since his moving to Chelsea, by which he is required to live up to expectations due to his experience in the league. Fans and experts justly observed notable successes and key movements of his career.

During his stay at Chelsea, his journey was strongly considered. In this blog posting, we will discuss Sterling’s playing style along with his role and analyse tactics that will determine if Sterling is a good starter for Chelsea next season or not.

Sterling’s 2023/24 Performance Statistics

In the current time, Shots fired by Raheem Sterling for Chelsea indicate that his position on the field is still powerful, both scoring and creating opportunities for his teammates. And it has been quite a stint for Sterling himself, who has taken part in 25 Premier League matches, in which he has scored 6 goals and also provided 3 assists for his teammates.

He has got a goal involvement rate of 0.44 per 90 minutes and hence, he has helped the team directly to score. Lastly, Sterling’s expected assists (xA) and expected goals (XG) confirm his efficiency, with 6.37 XG and 3.54 XA, thus suggesting that he is present at the right place at the right time and can see the advantage ahead of other players in the same lineup.

This should all be read within the context of how Chelsea are performing in general. Heading into the season, it was obvious some time was needed to gel the many, many new players as well as the new coach. Using a free betting odds calculator to assess how well they may have performed collectively across all competitions would’ve likely drawn very, very small odds. While they have a cup final appearance – which ended in defeat to Liverpool – it’s worth noting that otherwise, they’ve been lacklustre.

Raheem Sterling Chelsea

Raheem Sterling

Sterling’s 2022/23 Performance Statistics

In the league table, his successful shots are in a similar proportion, showing him as an effective striker. Last season, in 42 club matches, he did even better and finally managed to score 9 goals, demonstrating that he has made progress in goal-scoring rates this season. Besides, Sterling’s part plays in the team more than only scoring goals and making assists. The team yielded 63 shots, of which 23 were on the goal. His overall involvement in the team’s playmaking and shooting opportunities do top the engagement chart.

Impact on Pitch

Chelsea’s gameplay combines more than a mere achievement of just statistical performance thanks to Sterling’s contribution to it. He is undoubtedly irreplaceable for the team, not only by making a valuable contribution to some of the most significant games and his capability to play about the front line in several positions but also by being highly versatile. Speed, dribbling, and outstanding gift for finding gaps are his main qualities as a Chelsea striker.

Arguments for Sterling as a Starter Next Season

Raheem Sterling has definitively emerged as one of those players who deserves to be a Chelsea first-team member next season due to the obvious improvements that he has made after playing under the leadership of Mauricio Pochettino. His resurgence is shown through the experience he has gained, the variety of skills he possesses in terms of finalising an attack, his adaptability around the frontline, and his leadership on the field and off the pitch.

Chelsea had a home match against Luton, which ended 3-0. Sterling scored twice and made an assist and so was the highlight of the Chelsea performance. This notation saw Son establish his reputation apart from his ability to score but also for his ability to usher his team to success. Versatility was his notable appearance as he could perform at different positions, hence propelling attacks towards the goal with accuracy.


Lastly, it would be worthwhile for the future of Raheem Sterling as a Chelsea first-team player would continue to depend on a mixed outcome of his consistent and, at the same time, quality display that shows an individual’s growth, the club’s tactical fit and how management intends to face next season. On the other hand, his previous verified evidence, versatility, and leadership qualities stand as great reasons why he is needed to be a critical element in the team’s playing field.

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