Angel Reese WNBA Draft: How much will she make in the WNBA and what team is expected to draft her?

Angel Reese WNBA Draft: How much will she make in the WNBA and what team is expected to draft her?


Angel Reese, the talented forward from LSU, is on the cusp of realizing her dreams in the WNBA.

Angel Reese learns new skill from LeBron James’ trainer to prepare for WNBA Draft

As the 2024 WNBA draft approaches, fans and analysts are buzzing with anticipation about her potential salary, draft placement, and whether her rivalry with Caitlin Clark will carry over into the professional league.

When it comes to her WNBA salary, projections suggest that Reese’s earnings for her rookie season might not reflect her star status.

ESPN forecasts her as the No. 8 overall pick, with the Chicago Sky expected to make the selection.

In line with the WNBA’s collective bargaining agreement, her salary is estimated to range between $70,000 and $76,000 for the 2024 season, a figure that underscores the disparities between WNBA and NBA earnings.

Comparing WNBA and NBA salaries reveals a stark contrast, primarily attributed to differences in revenue streams, particularly from media rights.

While the NBA boasts multi-billion dollar deals, the WNBA operates on a smaller scale, with revenues from broadcast deals amounting to about $60 million annually.

Despite these variations, Reese’s potential salary offers an additional income stream alongside her lucrative NIL deals from her time at LSU.

The prospect of increased WNBA salaries, however, looms on the horizon.

With the league’s new TV deal set to commence in 2025, negotiations could lead to significant salary hikes for players like Reese and Caitlin Clark.

Their ability to bring their college fan bases to the WNBA may bolster the league’s bargaining position, potentially resulting in higher earnings for players.

What will Reese’s rivalry with Caitlin Clark mean for the WNBA?

As for the draft, the Chicago Sky find themselves in a position of intrigue with two early picks, including the No. 8 selection.

Amidst a stacked draft class, selecting Reese presents an opportunity for the Sky to bolster their roster with a promising talent.

Her rebounding prowess and offensive potential could complement the team’s existing lineup, providing a foundation for future success.

Beyond her on-court abilities, Reese’s potential arrival in Chicago adds an exciting narrative to the WNBA landscape.

Her collegiate rivalry with Caitlin Clark, which captivated basketball fans nationwide, could continue at the professional level.

The prospect of Fever-Sky matchups becoming must-watch events highlights the potential for this rivalry to flourish in the WNBA.


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