the step by step guide

the step by step guide


Moonton’ Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is most played and celebrated mobile game on the planet, with millions of fans challenging each other through thousands of MLBB tournaments. But you may be wondering how to run a MLBB tournament with your friends or other purposes?

If you’re a MLBB tournament organizer, welcome on! We’re thrilled to have you onboard the most powerful eSport platform in the industry and we’ll help you make great MLBB tournaments. Now, if you’re running your first competition on Toornament, here are some useful steps to follow:

1. Create and provide all the information

First step to create your tournament on the Toornament interfaceYour first step is to create your MLBB tournament by defining its name, logo and organizer identity. Here you can also define the number of participants and if it will be individual player or team composed of multiple players.

Toornament settings interface to create your MLBB tournamentParticipants are always in need of information: what’s the schedule, is it played on internet or offline, are there special rules, some prize to win, how to contact you etc. You can file additional fields from the “General Settings” section to provide all necessary information your participant may need.

2. Choose your tournament structure format

Toornament offers the widest choice of tournament structure format. Whether you want a basic single elimination bracket, a round robin stage, Swiss system, custom bracket or a league, you have up to 8 different structure formats usable for a MLBB tournament. You can also add multiple structure formats together, such as a round-robin stage followed by a single elimination bracket.

Once your structure format select, you can access advanced options to configure it, including your match format.

3. Open and validate registrations

Registration section of the Toornament interfaceNow that you’ve created a tournament, open its registrations so that participants can apply and validate them. The “Registration” section will allow you to customize all the automated messages that will be sent to your players during their registration process.


Custom fields list available for tournament registration form
You can also setup additional fields to your registration form and request team and player more information. From the “Custom Fields” section, you will be able to choose from a wide choice of fields to request usefull information about the team or player ranging from date of birth, country, player ID, social network account etc. 


MLBB Tournament registration form

Once opened, participants will have acces to the registration form on your tournament public page. 

Participant registration list interface
Your new participant registrations appear in the “Registrations” section where you can manage them.

4. Place your participants

Participants placement interface into the tournament structure

Toornament can place automatically your participants, following different methods: participant number or random. Participant number is great if you want to dispatch the top seeds (participants with the highest trophy count or level).

Ultimately, you can manually place every participant of your tournament:  learn more on how placement works

5. Launch match and report results

Team public interface to launch MLBB game lobby and play match

Now that your tournament is ready you can launch its first matches. Thanks to Toornament, organizing a match is simpler since participants can launch a game lobby themselves and invite players to join.

Toornament match dashboard to enter results

Once the match is finished, you or your admins can then report all the results and scores in real time from the tournament dashboard and “Matches” section.

Participant interface to report themself the match result

You can also decide to let your participants report themselves their match results from the tournament public page.

6. Master the basics first, experiment then

You now know everything on how to run a MLBB tournament. Later on, we’ll invite you to check and learn more about all Toornament advanced features from our Help Center… In the meantime, happy tournament!


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