PUBG Champions League (PCL) start date revealed


The 2024 PCL Spring Tournament is set to start later this month on April 20. Here’s everything you need to know about the league.

PCL Spring 2024

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PUBG Champions League (PCL) returns with 17 teams fighting for the title

The 2024 season marks the sixth year of the league and it will be held from April 20th to May 11th. A total prize pool of 3 million RMB (€386,115.42) is put on the line during the tournament, with 2.9 million RMB allocated for playoffs, and a prize of 50,000 RMB for both the MVP and the War God award. The tournament will be split between regular season and playoffs and utilize a “points competition system” for the rankings.

Regular Season – April 20th to May 5th

In the regular season, the 24 PCL clubs will be split equally into three groups: A, B, and C. The three groups will go through 5 rounds of single round-robin matches, with 3 match days per round and 6 matches per match day.

Aside from the first phase, the grouping for each round roundrobin will be divided in a snake format according to the ranking of points from the previous cycle. The order of matchups in the regular season round-robin will be:

Day 1: Group A VS Group B
Day 2: Group A VS Group C
Day 3: Group B VS Group C

Once the regular season is over, the best 16 teams will advance to the playoff stage. The map order will be: Erangel, Erangel, Taego, Vikendi, Miramar, Miramar.

Playoffs – May 9th to 11th

Playoffs will consist of 3 rounds of competition, with 6 matches per round, meaning there will be a total of 18 matches. Teams will receive corresponding match points after each match. After all 3 rounds of competitions are over, teams will be ranked based on the cumulative match points earned during this phase. The map order will be:

Day 1—Erangel, Erangel, Taego, Vikendi, Miramar, Miramar
Day 2—Miramar, Miramar, Vikendi, Taego, Erangel, Erangel
Day 3—Erangel, Erangel, Taego, Vikendi, Miramar, Miramar

Chinese fans have been complaining about the tight schedule and the fact that the split lasts is far too short to be considered a split.

Spring Tournament Promotion and Demotion Rules

GPT (Global Partner teams) will get direct access to PGS (PUBG Global Series) 3 and 4. Alongside them, the two highest-ranked teams will also advance to PGS 3 and 4. After the Spring Tournament, the bottom teams will be relegated to PCLP.

During the PCL team meeting, it was confirmed that both PGS3 and PGS4 will be held in China in May and June respectively.

How to watch the PCL

To watch the games, you can head over to the live broadcasts which start at 18:00 Beijing (12:00 CET) every day starting from April 20.

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